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OTG Mourns the Loss of a Leader

Alvok by Aerythe The gaming community can be unfathomable to those not in it. The friendships we make with those we may never meet might sound odd to someone who has not sat in a VOIP, chatting laughing, playing games. But other gamers know the closeness we share. Our friendships are as real as those…
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May Giveaway

The Monthly Giveaway for May is now up! Prize includes ingame item for World of Warcraft and 2 books written by OTG’s very own Aerythe! May Giveaway Details

Last Day to Enter April Giveaway!

Don’t miss out on this month’s giveaway prize! See the forums for more details.

May Game of the Month (GotM)

Every month OTG members select a new game to invade, explore and get lost in together. The GotM for May takes us back to our very beginning as we have decided to revisit Dungeons and Dragons Online…the game that originally spawned OTG. The fun begins on May 2nd at 9pm EDT so get DDO installed…
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OTG Slack Support

We are pleased to announce that we now have a Slack workspace. Please see the post on the forums for instructions on how to get invited. We look forward to chatting with you there! Say hi to Slackbot!

Hello world!

Welcome to our new website! It’s still under construction so bear with us as we try to provide an informative and entertaining experience for our members.